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Relationship Counselling

I offer counselling for couples and individuals who are struggling with their relationship. This may involve issues around communication, mental health, intimacy, sex, affairs, loss, bereavement ,domestic abuse, trauma and much more. I offer counselling for those who find it hard to form relationships and their relationship with themselves.

Mental Health Issues

If you are struggling with stress, depression and anxiety, I can help talk through these issues and explore what's going on and help you to manage your mental health. Bringing back a level of safety, stability and a positive state of emotional and mental wellbeing.


I Offer help with :

 Relationship issues


 Sexual abuse

 Domestic abuse



 Stress, depression and anxiety

 Life stages



And much more


 £35 for individuals and £50 for couples.

I can negotiate a lower rate if you are on a lower income. I will try to accommodate all incomes.

Please contact me for more details or to discuss.

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